Not only is sciatica extremely painful, it can be completely debilitating, often robbing sufferers of the ability to walk, stand, sit or sleep through the night. The vast majority of sciatica symptoms result from lower back disorders between the L4 and S1 levels that put pressure on or cause irritation to a lumbar nerve root. Luckily, there is a natural way that has been proven to reduce symptoms of sciatica and the need for back surgery.

This Study shows evidence that the regular use of an Inversion Table may significantly reduce the need for back surgery:

  • Patients who were told they needed sciatic operations were divided into two groups.
  • One group regularly practiced inversion therapy along with regular physiotherapy, while the other practiced physiotherapy alone.
  • Of those who practiced Inversion, only 23% ended up needing surgery, while 78% of the non-inverting group underwent back surgery.
  • The findings suggest that inversion therapy may have helped prevent back surgery in more than 75% of patients, and benefited 55% more patients than the control group.

The Effects

Professor David Mendelow, head of neuroscience at Newcastle University in England, told the London Telegraph that he estimated inversion therapy could save £80 million a year in unnecessary surgeries.